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Rick Browning

If you are anything like me you love personal development and success stories, internet marketing and making money. I’ll explain how I combined all of these but first of all let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born in Tasmania (yes it does exist outside cartoons) and grew up all over Australia. 

I’ve spent most of my 40 working years in hospitality. I once thought this was the best way to see the world and get paid for it. I’ve worked for all the big chains and a cruise line taking me to 35 countries during my working life. I have a corporate career that has me working around the globe and averaging 80 hours a week across four time zones and I love what I do!

I have a life and lifestyle that many of my younger colleagues and friends covet, and are asking me how I achieved all this. It’s forced me to take stock and realise that it would be a crime not to tell people how I’ve done it.

I have pretty much taken my life for granted. I have done amazing things. I have had fabulous success. I have seen awesome places and met interesting and very successful people. I just thought that my life was normal.

Over the last year or so I have realised that I have achieved something pretty amazing.

I’ve mentored lots of people and coached them for success so I know this works and my success can be your success. I want to share it with you and your family and friends too.

However, I can’t coach thousands of people face to face so I have decided to follow the advice of one of my teenage nephews who said “Uncle Rick why don’t you just write it all down in a blog for us”. Thanks Jimmy, you were my light bulb moment.

Not being particularly internet/tech savvy I jumped on the net and searched for a way of doing this. Telling my story to millions and sharing my success tips. It was then I stumbled across this young guy who was teaching about internet marketing and the penny dropped. Although I had a website it was just a glossy brochure that didn’t bring in sales or build my business.

I am so excited! I have found a way to create the life I really want and yes, I really deserve.

And to help anyone else who wants to have my lifestyle and level of career success.