The Moonshiner's Wife

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About the author

Octavia Craig

Octavia Craig is kiiiind of a bitch, but the kind you really want in your corner when it's time for a fight or to make tacos.  She's always down to make tacos.

She once almost died on a sled.  She gets most of her sex moves from a really weird fever dream she had once.  On three different occasions, she's been accidentally punched in the face and once on purpose.  She knows how to disarm a person with a gun or with a knife, but not both.  Not yet.  

She thinks grapefruit tastes like the unholy marriage of an orange's butthole and a battery.  She really maybe should have taken writing this a little more seriouly and def should have spell checked it better, but she's a little cold right now, so she's not going to do either.