Walking in 2 Worlds: Logan's Story

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Brigette Manie

Hi, everyone.  Books and I became buddies in my pre-teen years.  The television gave up the ghost and my sister and I found another form of entertainment--reading.  Back then I read detective novels.  I think I've read the entire series of The Bobsey Twins, Nancy Drew, and The Hardy Boys.

I discovered romance in my early teens and got hooked on everything I could find from Mills and Boon and Harlequin.  Christ came knocking and I gave up romance for a while (because of the heat factor in what I used to read--smile).  But in my stay-at-home-mom years, I'd escape to the library to keep my sanity.  What section did I end up in?  You got it--romance.  Well, I kept skipping pages to stay righteous (smile) and went home complaining to my husband that I couldn't enjoy my romances like I used to because I couldn't read the whole novel anymore.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love intimacy--those burning looks, fiery kisses, and inferno-hot embraces between heroes and heroines (they're in my own novels).  And I also love intimacy in marriage that's skillfully (leaving much to readers' imaginations) yet romantically described. 

One day, my hubby got tired of my complaints and told me to write my own romance; so, I did. Twenty-five plus novels later, here I am a romance writer and loving it.

Outside of writing, I love to read (crazy about books), walk, travel, and spend time with my four kids and the amazing man God gave me--my husband.

I adore emailing back and forth with readers and have met some great people who are as passionate about romance as I am.  I think that's the greatest part of this author business, connecting with those who love love (smile). I'd love to talk to you.  Please connect with me via my website (www.brigettemanie.com) or through any of the following links:






Brigette Manie