The Spiritual Laws of Abundance: The Spiritual Way of Making Money by Understanding The Relationship Between Attitude, Emotions, Values, Ethics, Moral, Success, Power, Politics, Religion and Lifestyle

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Robin Sacredfire

Robin Sacredfire is a Bestselling Author (by Amazon US, Amazon Brazil, Kobo, GooglePlay and the iBookstore), Researcher, Entrepreneur and CEO of 3 companies. He has also a vast background of experience as a University Lecturer (in topics such as Academic Writing and Research, European Culture and World Economy), Human Resources Manager and Business Consultant for multinational companies. As a writer, and under many pen-names, published over 300 books on the topics of spirituality, religion, psychology, relationships, finance and education, most of which ranked as Top 10 on Amazon and Kobo, and is constantly referred by several bloggers as one of the top experts on the topic of the Law of Attraction. On top of that, has been winning many awards along his life, as a lecturer, public speaker, musician and author, and was interviewed for Voice of America, MTV and Amazon for different reasons, namely, for having the most sold books on Amazon. In fact, some of his books remain as bestsellers for six years in a row. His leisure time activities include Kayaking, Kickboxing, Kendo, Medieval Fencing, DJing and reading, mostly on topics related to either business or religion. He remains as a dedicated and proud member of many important religious societies.