Now And At The Hour Of Our Death

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About the author

Russell Foster

Foster’s not had a career but a series of jobs. He built and managed public libraries in
rural West Virginia and North Florida. Later he led information management teams
doing whatever it took to run offices for the federal government in greater DC. Recently,
he took a leap out into the bright vast to write that book, at last. Now he is devoting
several years to writing.
His one true thing: the secret to life is balance. Extremism gets things done, but it
ain’t restful. Aristotle got that right. The wisdom of balance in life arises from the physics
of the universe - the force of your foot on the ground balancing your gravity. He has a
white and black family and he approaches fatherhood like a satellite - forever falling
toward the earth but never actually getting there. His wife, Genie, tells him he’s a good
man and he takes her word for it.