Beyond God - Why Religions are False, Outdated and Dangerous

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About the author

Peter Klein

Raised on a diet of science and travel, Peter Klein was born in Melbourne, Australia, in 1970. He has travelled widely and has so far visited 37 different countries. This exposure has made him aware of the various issues created by the different religions across the globe.

Raising a daughter has made him more acutely aware of the inequities and devaluation of women created and upheld by religious teachings and the need to elevate this discussion further.

In recent times he has begun devoting more time towards tackling the many issues created by religions. He has spent the last three years researching and writing the manuscript for this book and is a member of the Communications Team for the Atheist Foundation of Australia.

​He is married, has two teenage children and a dog who likes to lie at his feet in the early mornings when he sits in front of his computer writing.