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Jenna K. Rai

            From a small town in Kentucky, Jenna often had friends and family encouraging her to write.  Being the stubborn, hard-headed female that she is, she put it off.  When she returned to college her favorite professor, Tammy Ramsey, encouraged her to write once again.  Intrigued yet stubborn, she continued to fight the pull and make a living as best she could.  The desire to write never left her and now she writes almost every day.   She finds that writing is therapeutic to her and she loves to get lost in the stories of her characters.  She is a multi-genre author, you will never know what to expect from her.  Just like you can never anticipate what may come from her mouth.  You will always be intrigued and entertained, even surprised at times.            
            Jenna is divorced, the mother of three cats and a Bodi (dog).  She loves to write, read, cook, do crafts, garden, do anything outdoors, design, dance, listen to music, and spend time with her critters.  Jenna is a self-proclaimed Chocoholic.  (Don’t laugh! It is a serious issue.)  She loves to laugh and finds that the ability to make her laugh is an extremely sexy quality in a man