The Sixth Extinction. Part Three: Infested

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Glen Johnson

Glen Johnson was born in England in 1973. He used to live in Devon, just a stone’s throw away from the English Riviera, but in August 2014 he gave away all his belongings and bought a backpack, and he has been traveling around Asia ever since. He is the author of 49 fiction and non-fiction books. While he travels he will be helping charitable organizations, writing and releasing books about their foundations, leaving them with all the royalties. His first charity book called Soi Dog: The Story Behind Asia's Largest Animal Welfare Shelter is available in ebook and paperback worldwide. He has also started to release a collection of books about his travel adventures as they unfold, and Living the Dream: Part One - Khaosan Road, Thailand is available from all good ebook retailers. He is also on the development team for a new computer game called The Seed, from the creators of the award-winning S.T.A.L.K.E.R Misery mod. He loves to travel and has already visited thirty-eight different countries, and lived in Mexico City, Mexico for far too long for a pale skinned European. He has also been married twice – and still refuses to say where he buried them.

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