A Dark & Demented Anthology: Dark Fantasy Blinks (Vol. 1)

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About the author

Nina Hobson

Currently homeless mother of four and grandmother of five and a past: computer instructor, online book proofreader/editor, pre-k teacher’s assistant and nursing school project assistant and I live in Ohio.

My interests vary and include: reading cozy mysteries, cooking & baking and watching horror movies. Not to mention, I have a bucket list a mile long, however, I can now scratch being a self-published author of speculative fiction or what I like to call, "soft horror," off of it.

Soft horror is what I refer to as horror's softer side. It's not too graphic, scary or intense for I have a deep love of monsters that show compassion...even though they'll still rip your guts out and feed on them if the occasion calls for it. Classic horror is a satisfying indulgence but it doesn't have to always be horrific to be enjoyable. For instance, zombies no longer simply lumber about, they can now flat-out run (Dawn of the Dead (2004)), hold down jobs (iZombie), lead a group of their own (Land of the Dead) and even cooperate with humans to an extent (Z Nation).

And I know there are others out there that share these views so to those...welcome my sisters and brothers to fiction our way.

Need information? Shoot an email to info@ninahobsonbooks.com. Wanna talk to me personally about your views on speculative fiction or soft horror? Drop me a line at www.ninahobsonbooks.com/contact.