Four Barbarian Generals: Dryth Chronicles Epic Fantasy

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T. A. Miles

T. A. Miles fell down a rabbit hole ages ago, and nothing more need be said about that. The result of that tumble is displayed in her bibliography; she's been writing novels for over twenty years and presented the results of her mental wanderings to readers in 2011 with the gothic-mystery Raventide. She has published numerous novels and short stories since.

T. A. Miles' degree in East Asian Civilizations comes to life in Six Celestial Swords, merging her love of east Asian culture and the classic epic fantasy she was raised on. Six Celestial Swords is the first step into T. A. Miles' vast world of Dryth; a magical world as bright and culturally textured as our own, where dark things lurk in shadows and wastelands, threatening the tenuous relationship between the many races of the world. Giants roam the frozen flatlands of the north western continent. Elves resettle abandoned cities built by dragons. The gods are said to have gifted six magical weapons in order to help humanity keep the dragon Chaos at bay. 

Dryth's journey to uniting against that rising darkness is only just beginning, and there are so many stories to tell.