Olga the Owl

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Maarika Martins

Maarika Martins is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and a comic creator from Tartu, Estonia. She has spent so many years in academia that she's probably been exposed to a greater dose of exams and tests than it is recommended for one lifetime. As a result, Maarika has official documents proving that she knows English and literature, can do some stuff in Japanese, and has skills that let her design books or websites, or make her own short films about cats or yakuza bosses.

Maarika is dedicated to drawing comics for kids and teens (which grownups can read too). Her debut series, Goldwood Chronicles is all about the cuteness and hardships of being a wild animal facing great dangers and life challenges. So it's like real life but at least it looks cute.

Author's website: http://www.maarika.com