Dear Thailand: A Love Story

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Diane de Simone

Diane de Simone was was engaged with state and national politics before being based in New York and London writing for magazines for over a decade—from Omni to Connoisseur.  She then wrote an unprecedented, well-publicized, 7-part series for Playboy Magazine, Men and Women, with British author and filmmaker, Jo Durden-Smith, which became a book, Sex and the Brain (Arbor House, Warner Books, Pan/Picador U.K.; seven languages). This was the first book ever written for the layperson, on the heady time in the biological sciences, when we began to ask the question: “So…who are we as a species?” A way into that question was to write about what scientists were finding as the differences and the similarities between males and females in body, brain, and psycho-biology, and the evolutionary nature of their equality. She held a private psychotherapy practice and is the author of a memoir tucked into Feathers Brush the Heart (Warner Books 2002 ed. Sinclair Browning); also, the author of Dear Thailand: A Love Story (Amazon, 2013) a memoir about discovering a land, a people, and a culture that can radically reshape your heart. A number of stories inspired her latest book, “Reconciliation” – the most notable of which was an unresolved murder of a research scientist, one whom she had respected. In Reconciliation, read about a woman’s evolution from a skeptic to a woman who knows ETs are NOT "other," but are us. A new science of consciousness is finding we too are multidimensional beings – like ETs; we too are of the quantum-field. Are ETs coming to visit to help us uncover our true nature?  Are they here to help us evolve? Our Earth is in danger. We are, too.  Follow Martha Mathewson as she evolves to find she is universal life itself. Diane currently lives between Tucson, Arizona, and the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, with her partner, James Hamilton, passionate about “the force,” the quantum field, transformation, and healing.Add an Author Biography