Crown of the Realm

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J. S. Chapman

J. S. Chapman has been living in Paris, renting out a single room on the Left Bank, and pounding out novel after novel on an antique typewriter. Imagination aside, J. S. Chapman is a best-selling American author.

Chapman’s breakout novel DEAD ON DEPARTURE—the first book of the episodic political thriller series INTERCEPT—features Jack Coyote, a cybersecurity expert working for a super-secret spy agency in Washington, D.C.

When Jack investigates a security breach, he stumbles on a government plot that could undermine the nation, do away with the great American experiment, and sweep up every man, woman, and child into a dystopian nightmare.

The word goes out. Jack Coyote must be neutralized. Not with a bullet, a poison-tipped umbrella, or an inconvenient accident. But being set up for the fall.