Killing Crows

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Verge Le Noir

... is the ridiculously on the nose pen name of writer Virgilio Feldman. He is the author of the short story collection Shell Casings and the short novel Desperados. He has been, among other things: a laborer, a house painter, a bracero, a busboy, a bar back and a failed chordophone-lyre-plucker. In other words: He’s a jerk of all trades; master of none. In lieu of becoming a pornographer or a sommelier to the stars, and having a gift for spinning a tale or two since he was a wee lad, and at a time when art is quickly becoming a commodity, he foolishly decided to become a writer. His meager writing output has been described as dirty realism infused with sophisticated comic flair, gritty, dark, breezy, and peppered with true to life characters. Despite his cog in the machine status and a touch of misanthropy, he likes: Elmore Leonard, Iggy Pop, John Lee Hooker, Charles Bukowski, David Bowie, The Ramones, Christa Faust, Ricardo Arjona, Metallica, Prince, etc., etc. He has an obsession with Ænima, and patiently awaits The La’s next album. He also enjoys a great read, a good laugh and a great fish taco. He currently lives in an attic overlooking the neighborhood of East New York, Brooklyn.