13th Hour

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Tammie Painter

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Bio, The Short Version: 
I turn wickedly strong tea into imaginative fiction. With a love of history and mythology, my books are rich with details of the culture of ancient times, but with a fantasy twist. When I'm not creating worlds or tormenting my characters, I brew beer, wrangle honeybees, and travel near and far with a wooly monster named Finn McSpool (not all at the same time, of course). 

Bio, The Long Version: 
Tammie Painter grew up in the creative world of Portland, Oregon, and she continues to call the City of Roses home. Although she spent years working as a chemist in a behavioral neuroscience research lab, she could never quite tame her passion for writing.

Tammie has a knack for delving into and bringing life to history and mythology in her novels. Her fascination for myths, history, and how they interweave inspired her first fiction series, the Osteria Chronicles. 

When she isn’t (but probably should be) writing, Tammie can be found digging in her garden, planning her next travel adventure, brewing beer and wine, or persuading her hive of backyard bees to share some of their honey with her.

Find out more about Tammie on her website at http://TammiePainter.com

My Books

**Part One: The Sun God's Daughter
**Part Two: The Solon's Son
**Part Three: The Centaur's Gamble
**Part Four: The Regent's Edict
**Part Five: The Forgotten Heir
**Part Six: The Solon's Wife

The Trials of Hercules
The Voyage of Heroes
The Maze of Minos
The Bonds of Osteria
The War of Ares (coming soon)
The Return of Odysseus (coming soon)

13th Hour: Tales from Light to Midnight