About the author

Cindy Hiday

<p>Cindy Hiday got her break in publishing when she &quot;jumped from a perfectly good plane&quot; and wrote about the experience in a community college workshop.&nbsp;<em>The Oregonian</em>&nbsp;bought theessay, &quot;One jump makes a proud skydiver,&quot;&nbsp;even though it was 200 words too long. She hasn&#39;t jumped out of anymore airplanes, but has gone on to publish and win awards in romantic fiction, and contributed a monthly newsletter column, &quot;Working the Web,&quot; for the local Romance Writers of America. When her Mt. Hood Community College mentor retired in 1999, she stepped forward as part-time instructor of the&nbsp;Professional Novel &amp; Memoir Writingprogram. She divides her time between mentoring the latest group of writing talent and working on the next novel. Currently a member of Willamette Writers, Cindy lives in Oregon with her husband and four-legged friends.</p>