About the author

Linda Maye Adams

<p><strong>Linda Maye Adams was probably the least likely person to be in the Army&mdash;even the Army thought so!&nbsp;</strong> She was an enlisted soldier and served for twelve years and was one of the women who deployed to Desert Storm.&nbsp; But she&rsquo;d much prefer her adventures to be in books.&nbsp; She is the author of the military-based GALCOM Universe series, including the novels <em>Crying Planet</em> and <em>Lonely Planet</em>.&nbsp; She&rsquo;s also received three honorable mentions in the <em>Writers of the Future</em> contest and an honorable mention in <em>Alfred Hitchcock Magazine</em>&rsquo;s contest. &nbsp;Linda is a native of Los Angeles, California, and currently lives in Northern Virginia.&nbsp; Find out more about Linda Maye Adams on her website at http://www.lindamayeadams.com.</p>